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Winter Is Upon Us

Ugh, don't remind me! I am not a fan of winter, cold weather, the snow, and pumpkin spiced lattes. We were planning on avoiding winter this year but when life throws you lemons, you throw them back and go get mangoes.

Our first cold season in the trailer. Time for some research on how to insulate; make sure we don't freeze as the temperatures start to plumate. Spring in the Northeast was pretty chilly so back then we purchased a small electric space heater. It works surprisingly well! Despite only being about a foot tall, it can keep our 30-foot trailer nice and toasty. When temperatures initially started falling, we even spent some nights on the pullout couch with the heater next to us and Tungsten between us to stay warm. A silly idea since we could have just put the space heater on the island, pointed into the bedroom and slept comfortably in there but the cold does weird things to my brain. And that was when it was only going to be in the 40s overnight!

Looking ahead at the weekly forecast, we saw that it was going to start to get super cold, super quick. Dropping into the 30s and maybe even the 20s with the possibility of snow. Blech! We gotta get started on this insulation thing. Our trailer is an ultra-lite and really only meant for 3 seasons. Winter not being one of them. The belly of the trailer has exposed pipes and with water going through them, we definitely don't want any burst pipes.

Ryne and I took a little bike ride around the campground to check out how others were doing things. We ended up finding someone who was actively putting his up and started asking questions. He's been here for 10 years now so he should know what he's talking about! 1/2 inch insulation with an aluminum side should do the trick. Keep the furnace at 68 and you should stay warm all winter he tells us. The silver siding will give the added insulation and using the furnace will keep everything under the trailer from freezing as well. Cool, got it. Off to Menards we go (If you're not familiar with Menards...its awesome, it's like a Home Depot/Target hybrid). Well, not right away. We have to first measure the space between the ground and the trailer. Ryne's pretty handy with the tape measure.

Now, off to Menards! Now, if you thought we waited too long to do this, you're right! All of the 1/2 inch aluminum sided foam insulation boards were purchased by other people. There were only 2 boards left. The boards are 4'x8'. Doing the math... definitely not enough. Will the aluminum help that much? Maybe. But we're going to have to go without it. At least the one we got had the Pink Panther on it. And the manager was nice enough to cut the boards for us so they'd fit in the truck nicely.

Once we're back home, its time to start taping them up. The first few were easy since we had the manager at Menards cut them to that length (3'x4' & 5'x4'). Then we had to start getting creative and cut some up ourselves to match the weird shapes or the trailer and avoid covering up important things like lights, the water heater, stairs, storage space doors, you know, important things. We got a little more than half the trailer covered before calling it a night. Go team! Time to make some tea and head to bed!

But then Ryne checks the weather again. Rain starting at 4am and not stopping until after the temperature dips below freezing. Back outside.

We end up splitting up, Ryne to finished cutting and putting together the insulation and I run off to Walmart to pick up no-residue duct tape. Lucky for us the only duct tape they were sold out of was their no-reside kind. Even luckier, they won't have any more in stock until November 12. Hmm. Electrical and white duct tape may work? Whatever, I need to leave, Walmart is closing in 10 minutes. (Since when does Walmart close?) Back at the trailer, Ryne made some great progress, it's almost done. Just the hard part left figuring out how to make an access panel so we can still get to the tank levers. We picked up Velcro at Menards too so we can construct something. We cut a board in half and made a hole in one of them to feed the black tanks hose through. The top half we added the Velcro to and attached it to everything else. Finally, the whole trailer is wrapped. But wait, there's more work to do! Now we have to tape it all to the trailer so it doesn't blow off or let cold air seep in. Insulation tape all around, no need for duct tape. We finally finish around 1:30 am. It didn't start raining until the next afternoon but that's OK, we beat the rain!

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