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It's called, "What's that sound?"

Owning a travel trailer/RV/5th wheel is very similar to owning a house. There's always something that needs fixing, something you want or need to replace, something that needs to be tended to. Also like a house, sometimes you can't figure out what's wrong right away. There could be a funky smell or, more often than not in our case, a weird sound.

A few months back I woke up to what could have been a sound bit for a cartoon man flying his airplane with his sidekick dog when the engine just decided it didn't want to work anymore. It sounded like it came from the refrigerator so I went to investigate. The fridge looked fine, still worked and all. Strange, I thought. It was the middle of the night, I didn't think too much of it, went back to bed. Waking up the next morning was when the fun began. I tell Ryne about the mysterious sound and he went to investigate as well. Nothing seemed wrong but what could it have been? Turns out, it was the motor to our furnace slowing dying. Actually, it died rather quickly. Middle of winter and now we don't have any heat. But I finally had my answer to "what's that sound?"

This was a fix that was out of our range of knowledge so we called in some experts and thankfully our furnace was back up and running within a few days. New motor and we're good to go. Not an out of the ordinary break, the original furnaces are said to go out within the first year or two and the replacement can last between 5 and 10 years. Funny how it works like that. (Space heaters are lifesavers for full-time RVers)

Our latest new sound also came in the early hours of the morning. This one sounded more like an older New York City apartment radiator. Water vapor yelling because of all the pressure and it cannot get out quickly enough. This one was way easier to figure out where it was coming from and what it was but not why it was happening. The water heater. Our water heater is amazing. We can take showers like we're in the pits of hell. It's awesome! We can generate it by electricity or via propane. Since electricity is included in our monthly bill and we view it as free, we go that route. We also have it on the majority of the time. Upon figuring out where the sound was coming from, I just turned it off, left a note for Ryne and went to work. During my afternoon break, we brainstormed and used the help of Google to figure out how to fix it. Thank you to those who also document their travels. It seems like all we need to do is drain the hot water heater tank. There could be sediment in there causing an issue.

Oh boy, there was sediment! Remember that campground we were at in Lafayette, IN and how it stained everything and ruined almost everything that got water? Yup, still causing damage to the trailer. Never, ever again will we ever stay there. This isn't something that needs to be done that often, but thankfully it was something we were able to handle on our own. It took drainings a few times, including one that shot out like a water cannon and soaked Ryne real good, but the sound is on its wat out.

**If you're experiencing this problem, find your water heater outside the trailer. Once it's opened up, towards the bottom, there should be a little white or opaque plug. You may need some gloves for this, as it IS your hot water tank after all. Twist the plug off with a wrench (again don't use your hands, very hot water!) Let it drain all the way. Once it's empty, replace the plug making sure it is threaded properly and tighten it all the way.**

Ooo! And the last sound. This one sounds like it's coming from a demon from the fiery pits of hell. I doubt many other RVer will be hearing this one much, if at all. It's just Tungsten. Being upset about being pet when he wants his alone time. It might be because he's done playing with you. Or it could be because you looked at him wrong. Either way, keep your hands in your pockets if you hear this noise.

Lastly, Ryne's beard update: It was shaved yesterday.

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