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Virginia Is For Lovers...

And for campers too. Our trek back East continues and we found ourselves just south of Shenandoah National Park but also in George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. And it can be said again and again; this country is beautiful. We're out of the valley but still surrounded by rolling hills, leaves changing colors, and mountains in the background.

However, the more east we go, the smaller the roads get. The more nerve-wracking making turns with the trailer attached get. Ryne handled it all like a champ.

We stayed the week at Stoney Creek RV Resort in Greenville, VA. The town itself is quite small being mostly farmland with a bank and barbershop but the campground is massive! They have it divided up between an upper and lower section and has a little lake with a small beach. There are around 400 sites here and each site has a really good amount of space. You're not crammed in like sardines. We stayed in the lower section which gives you much more or that camping feeling. There are trees all around, we even got to set up our hammock for the first time on the road! We had a back-in site but we got it in perfectly in one fell swoop! It was awesome. In the end, we didn't even need to level it side to side. That's always fantastic news. Now, it's time to explore.

The closest city near us was Staunton, VA (pronounced like Stanton). There are two sections to this city too. The downtown that has all the cool local restaurants, breweries, wineries, colonial buildings, Amtrak, and more. Then they have the more commercial side where you can find all the big box stores, car dealerships, and more chain restaurants. After doing a little research, this little city has quite a big history! It used to be the capital of the Northwest territory from 1738-1770. It was named after Governor Sir William Gooch's wife, Lady Rebecca Staunton. Woodrow Wilson was born here and his Presidential Library and Museum still stands here today. The Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind is here. During the Civil War, it was a supply base. When the Virginia Central Railroad was established, Stauton became a transportation hub. They are also credited with establishing the city manager style form of government which is used by thousands of cities across America. All this information was found on the city's website.

Virginia is pretty open in terms of reopening after/during Covid-19 but this city is doing a pretty good job of helping people get back out there while keeping them safe. Masks are still to be worn inside everywhere, tables are spaced 6 feet or more apart and even their main street downtown is closed off to cars on the weekends to allow for outdoor dining and easy walking. We didn't ride it, but there's even a trolly that can take you around town to see everything.

This week was also special because we had friends come to stay with us and were able to explore with them. It's always a treat for us to have visitors, we love it! What do we do with visiting friends?

Step one: Find a local eatery to eat at. Check! Thai Staunton. Pretty good food, huge portions, and delicious Thai iced teas.

Step two: Find an adventure they'd be interested in. Check! Time for a hike! Unfortunately, Ryne was unable to join due to his work schedule but we got to check out St. Mary's Wilderness and the River Trail. Trail reviews said it was moderate and beautiful and full of waterfalls. Let's just say, it was not that moderate. It became a pretty tough hike, especially with the dogs. We had to cross the river a few times to stay on the trail, the trail kind of disappeared at one point or eroded away and we had to climb around a tree and its roots and across sharp rock edges to get to the connecting side. All while also playing, pass the doggy so they can get across safely. It was indeed a beautiful hike along the river though. We saw tons of small waterfalls and even found a natural waterslide place. If only it was a little warmer... we would be able to test it for safety. It feeds into a great pool that would be perfect for a summertime dip. The day was perfect and like most places right now, the turning leaves made the scenery even more pretty.

Step three: Make breakfast. Check! We love breakfast food and love making food for people. Since we don't get too many visitors, we made our staple favorites. Breakfast burritos and Rice and Eggs. Both were, thankfully, received very well. If you haven't tried rice and eggs yet, it's amazing. An over-easy egg (or 2) over a bed of rice with your choice of veggies and breakfast meats and finished off with avocado and hot sauce. So good!

Step four: Find more local things to do. Check! There are a few wineries and breweries in town so why not check them out? We went to Redbeard Brewing Company and Ox-Eye Vineyards. As a non-beer drinker, I cannot give their beer a fair review but the building itself is pretty neat, looks like it was a converted factory or warehouse. Great size and based on their beer's descriptions, they seem to have a blend for everyone. The owners create all the recipes themselves too. It seems they're most known for their Moriarty stouts. Ox-Eye Vineyards is basically across the street and also have very unique tastes to their wine. We did a full tasting and each had its own distinct flavor. Every wine was dry or semi-dry, my personal preference, even their Reisling. Our fan-favorite was definitely the White Ox, their white blend. Everything worked so well together. It's a Chardonnay-Reisling blend with pear and green apple notes. Quite nice.

We had a great time with you, Monica and German! Can't wait to explore again together!

That pretty much wraps up our week in Virginia. Is Maryland next? I think so!

Thanks again for reading and making it this far! We really appreciate it. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions! Until next time!

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