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The holiday season is upon us! While I'm personally not the biggest fan of religion, I do love the holidays. The season of giving and sharing. Most people seem to get a bit nicer, more understanding and they relax. Granted, some don't. Some are just the opposite, with stress levels rising and that ends in a domino effect. For the most part, its a happy time of year.

We recently were able to go to Ryne's company's holiday party which was magnificent. And funny enough, the whole decor was travel themed with the company's mascots hanging inside and out of travel trailers and most of the photo ops were around travel trailers.

That was amazing. And the food! The food was delicious! Simple yet elegant and there was something to eat for every diet. Vegan and meat chili station, mac & cheese station (with plain, lobster and steak and they weren't skimpy on the meat chunks!), vegan and meat sliders, hors d'oeuvres, cheeses, dips, oh my! That chili station had some of the best cornbread I've ever had too. WIth some green chilies, cooked in a skillet, mmm, mmm! A hot cocoa station, cookies galore and even a make-your-own-goodie-bag candy station. It was a beautiful party.

Later in the week, Ryne's sister and I were able to do an Ugly Sweater 5K Run. It was such a cold morning but a really nice race that ended in downtown Lafayette. We got some post-race chai lattes at Java Roaster which certainly hit the spot and warmed us right up. I prefer mind made with coconut milk, Nicole with almond. How about you?

Oh and walking back to the car after the run, we stumbled upon the most unique antique store. It's only open once a week on Saturday from 10a-4p. The owner has been running it for over 30 years. He's also a former Coca Cola employee and had some pretty cool old Coke memorabilia but there were things like an old butter churner, old phones (rotary and "Hello, operator? can you connect me with John Smith at 123 Mockingbird Lane), old tools, furniture. Hundreds of things you find useful at the turn of the last century. I don't even think the shop has a name besides, "Antiques." Its located at 14 S 3rd St Lafayette, IN. Even the building is an antique. It's an old factory building that made iron fences. Very neat place. Highly recommend a walkthrough.

Another big part of the holiday season is candy canes! While still strolling down old fashion lane, we were able to take a "tour" on how candy canes were made. Also in downtown Lafayette, there is a candy shop known as McCord Candies. This shop is only one of five candy shops that still make all of their candy canes by hand using a 100+-year-old recipe and process. All of the equipment is original too, nothing's changed! With no AC or heating, everything has to be done at the precise time and way or else the batch is ruined. Due to this, they cannot make candy canes year-round, only in the wintertime. While we weren't actually able to make the candy canes ourselves (dealing with very, very hot sugar and all) we got to watch the entire process and then shape our very own candy cane.

Outside of all the holiday adventures, we are still on the house hunt, still trying to decide where to settle down. There are so many pieces to this puzzle. As for now, we'll be ringing in the new year here in Indy.

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