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To RV or Not to RV?

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Ryne and I have been been on the house search for quite a while now and we are literally been across the board with what we should get. Single Family home? Townhome? Stay in the apartment? Live in the city? Be in the 'burbs? Get a micro home? Get a truck and an RV instead and travel the country?

It's a very appealing idea and we're in a position where we can do it. Yes, it may seem like a crazy idea but that's part of the excitement. I've had wanderlust for as long as I can remember and spending a week in every state has been on my bucket list for years. In fact, most of my bucket list items include some form a traveling to see one thing or do another. So if the opportunity is there, why not give it a shot?

Over the past few months we have be looking at all different homes, going to open houses, seeing tours and possibly driving our realtor insane. What we haven't done yet is explore travel trailers. What size would be doable? What truck will we need to get? What do all the codes mean on the model name?

Today we did just that! We went to our local RV shop (yes, apparently it's a thing) and went on a few walk throughs. Dave was our guide on this miserable, rainy day. As he should, he asked us a bunch of questions about what we were doing there, what we're looking for and how he can help. After telling him we were thinking of life on the road in a travel trailer without bunks, we set off in the rain to see all his recommendations. All I can say now is these trailers are way cooler than I ever expected them to be! Pictures can only show you so much. Now-a-days, with technology being where it is, they're miraculous! One of our biggest hesitations has to do with the internet. Having to work from home and unlimited data plans slowing down after you reach a certain threshold. A good chunk of these trailers have built in WiFi boosters which, although not fully confirmed, can search and connect to open networks. That would make things so much easier! They have outdoor awnings and speakers, some even have outdoor kitchens. The indoor kitchens are great too with most of them having ovens, burners and microwaves. The ones without ovens had a convection microwave which would do almost the same thing (almost). Some even had kitchen islands and there was still plenty of space to move around! We looked at a lot, so much so that they all started to blend together and we didn't think to take pictures at the beginning. We saw a couple of Jayco's, Forest Rivers and Coachmen. I was able to get pictures of 2 in the end but still, whoops!

In the end it was really great we went down there. Despite being soaked by the time we finished, it provided a lot of insight. We don't need nearly as much space as we thought we did. A few days ago Ryne looked up length restrictions at many national parks where we would be staying and thinking we'd need a huge trailer, we would have limited access to many of them. Good to know that won't be the case. We also learned we're leaning more towards a Rear Living Space trailer. It makes the inside so much brighter with bigger windows, leaves more space for storage, has a separate bedroom area, jack & jill doors for the bathroom so when someone visits, there's privacy and no one needs to be disturbed. All in all it was a great trip and provided valuable insight.

Did you give up the "normal life?" How did you start out? What was your last strike?

Are you on the fence? We can talk it out together.

Do you think we're crazy? Why?

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