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It's Only Been A Week And Life Has Changed So Much

It's amazing how quickly things can change.

In less than a week, we went from full-time RVers back to Frederickans.

RV: Sold

Truck: Traded In

Living Situation: In Transition

Initially, the switch seemed like it was going to be super stressful. The RV season in the Northeast is basically over, we still were paying off the trailer, if we don't sell it in time, where are we going to store it? We had it up on the web, we had some pseudo-interested people and a couple of seriously interested people. A couple came to look at the trailer, started making an offer. We also spoke to a local dealer about purchasing it too. We thought about a trade-in for something smaller like an R-pod but the question of where to store it still lingered. Best to hold off on that for now.

Turns out, selling to the dealer is super easy. We brought it over, they looked it over, outside and in, and then took care of the paperwork. Unfortunately, it was a rainy and unpleasant day. Tungsten and I hung back in the truck while Ryne went in to finalize the transaction. Knowing that we most likely would not be returning with the trailer, our home for the last year and a half, we had to move everything out. Thankfully we are close to our storage unit where all of our previous life stuff has been staying. After a few trips and a bunch of rounds of Tetris, we managed to get everything in there. Since there's going to be some in-between time between selling the trailer and our new apartment to be ready, we're going to be hanging out at a hotel. If only they offered the free continental breakfast...

We're technically homeless right now.

It's funny how we have more square footage in the hotel room but it feels more cramped. Shape and layout are everything! Oh, and don't worry, the first thing we did when we moved into the room was Lysol everything. Twice on the things we'd be touching frequently. It's like a studio apartment. We have a little kitchen, a table-desk, a dresser-TV stand, bathroom, and bed. Enough to get us by for the week and only slightly inconvenient when I have training sessions.

Things are starting to fall into place but there are still a lot of moving parts for us and November. We still have the move scheduled. Family coming in to help with said move. We have a trip planned for New York for Thanksgiving. We have Covid-19 tests to take for said trip to New York. A free weekend. What? Why not go to Subaru and see what they have in stock?

It's Subaru, of course they have awesome stuff in stock! Last time we purchased a Subaru, we ended up trading it in within four months or so. (But we ended up getting the truck and later on the trailer so it's all good!) This time, we do intend on keeping it for much longer. Now, do we go for the Outback or Crosstrek. We test drove both and in the end landed on the Crosstrek. Without the need to tow huge things around, we felt we didn't need the extra space. It's so swanky! The tech in this car is waaaay better than the truck. Eyesight, moon roof, Android Auto, heated seats, and side-view mirrors! It's amazing. And now we don't have to deal with the MVA, they can do all that. Horray! It is sad getting rid of the truck though. It's a freaking awesome truck.

So in a matter of days, it's like we never on the road at all. One chapter has closed and another has already started. Stick around! Not only will there be a tour of the new apartment coming soon but there will also be, life in New York in times of Corona and much exploring to be had in and around Frederick. And not to be forgotten, hot sauces to try, video games to be played and people to meet. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading! We'll see you soon!

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