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There's So Much To Do!

Moving is so exciting. But does anyone actually like the process of moving? Reading through the lease or setting up the mortgage. Dealing with inspections. Setting up a moving truck, maybe even movers to do the heavy lifting. Setting up utilities, it's annoying and stressful. Oh and don't forget about selling your old place, if you own. That's what we've been dealing with this past week.

We are settling down (for now) in Frederick, MD. First things first: secure a place to live. When we lived here before, we dreamed about living downtown. Coming from New York City the allure of just walking out your front door and have everything within walking distance is amazing. Now that we're coming back, are back, that exactly where we decided to go. It took a little bit of searching and hounding but we were able to secure a place, even when we were hundreds of miles away. The first time both of us are moving into a place sight unseen. A little nerve-wracking but the place has gotten some great reviews.

The next step to settling down was the harder part. Selling the trailer. Do we sell it? Should we store it? Should we find a place to keep it as a second home of sorts? Should we trade it in for something smaller? We went back and forth many times. We decided the best thing for us right now would be to sell it. But we've both never sold something we had a current loan for. Things get tricky! With Covid stuff still going on in the world, it's definitely a seller's market right now. Wahoo! We put it up online and like everyone and everything else, we got a bunch of bites that went nowhere further than "Is this still available?" There were some actual, interested folks though. A couple even came to look at it. But we were also exploring all of our options too. We contacted the dealer where we got it from. However, they only do trade-ins. Ugh. We contact the other local RV dealership and huzzah! They can buy it off us. Based on what we told them over the phone, they're even super likely to purchase at our asking price. Wahoo! We just need to move quickly since the RV season is coming to a close soon in the Mid-Atlantic region. Time to winterize the campers. Welp, looks like we'll be moving out of our camper quicker than we expected! No worries though, it's only for about a week and we have places to go. We just need to pack up everything in the trailer and playing many games of Tetris with the storage unit. Yay! Time for more boxes and many trips to storage. The hardest part is trying to gauge what we're going to need for the next couple of weeks and how we'll bring it over to the apartment. Oh, and eating everything in the fridge and freezer.

Staying in one place isn't going to stop us from exploring and sharing everything with you. The adventure is never going to stop. Things may change a little though. We're going to start trying to get videos together for you and make sure you know all the great spots to hit up in and around Maryland. Plus when the world opens up again for real, that list will only get larger again. Stay tuned!

Despite the week being super busy with getting situated here, we were still able to get out and try some new spots and return to some of our old favorites!

Old Dominion Grill & Sushi - A Chinese/Japanese/American Restaurant that is pretty perfect for everyone! There aren't many places where you can have a burger, sushi, and fried rice all on the same bill. They haven't disappointed yet! We had some sushi lunch takeout and delighted with the freshness and tastiness of it all. A definite return.

Wag's Restaurant - This place has been a Fredericks staple for years and years. A little reminiscent of Cheers. A restaurant-bar downstairs, dimly lit with people chatting at the bar as well as the tables spaced 6 feet or more away from each other. They have been voted to have the best burger in Frederick. It what Ryne tried. While we can't officially give it that title since we haven't had all the burgers in Frederick (yet) it was extremely good and all you could ask for in a burger. No frills, but meat and cheese and deliciousness. It's not the kind of place you would take a vegetarian or vegan, however, as their whole menu consists of meaty items.

Glory Doughnuts and Diner - Another favorite from our initial time here. This is where you can bring all your vegetarian and vegan friends and everyone else too! Everything here is plant-based and delectable! Their doughnuts and big, warm, and fluffy and come in amazing flavors that rotate daily and seasonally. They're so amazing that even during a pandemic they were able to expand and open a second location that can hold more visitors and make more doughnuts! Enough for catering events! Another awesome tidbit, its woman and queer owned and operated.

Tsunami Ramen and Tapas - One of the newest spots on the downtown Frederick strip. It's also the second restaurant for Pong Chang and Moo Rung. They also own Lazy Fish, an American Sushi spot around the corner. Here they're still mixing Eastern cuisine with American/Western Flair. You can still get Tonkatsu Ramen but you could also get Red Curry Ramen or if you're feeling a little crazy, Spicy Bulgogi tacos. They serve their ramen with a poached egg instead of soft-boiled but still works very well. All the ramen was super good and insanely filling. Another will-return restaurant.

McClintock Distillery - Very cool distillery right off of Carroll Creek. The only official USDA Organic distillery in all of Maryland at the moment. They're in control of everything from start to finish with all of their bottles. Tastings give you a sample of everything they make from White Whiskey all the way to gin. Their whiskeys are much more rye forward, so if that's your kind of thing, you're probably going to love it here. Their (IMHO) best thing here, is their Epiphany Vodka. Super smooth and everything you want a vodka to be. It's even won USA Today's Best Craft Vodka Distillery. Their line also includes various gins. As someone who does not like gin, I cannot give you an honest opinion on it but always worth a try.

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