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Sammii's Birthday Week 2019

Or so that's what Ryne coined this week. But yes, we did celebrate my birthday this week. Just like Rob Thomas recently said, "I'm not afraid of getting older, I'm one less day from dying young." Great song, great quote. It's very true too, we spend so much time worrying about things. And yes, the world is a terrifyingly scary place. But we can't just sit back, wait around in fear for things to get better or nervous that something bad is going to happen. It might, but something so extraordinarily good can happen as well.

For the week of celebration, we did go out to eat quite a bit. Ryne made a point to take me to enjoy all my favorite cuisines. It started with Chipotle after we left the Dunes for a burrito bowl (of course I want the extra-though-I-wish-it-weren't guac!) Next stop, Thai food! @yelp, your app and its users help out so much on this adventure! Because of them we had some delicious pad kee mao and pad thai. Then on the actual birthday, we go for sushi. Now, in Lafayette, there is this place called Sushi Don. It's quite good, we've been there before and the last time we were there we learned that they have a rotating happy hour. 2 times a week sushi is 50% off for dinner, the other days, its alcohol. Lucky for us, Tuesday was their sushi deal. It might be the best deal in town so the place was super busy. They ran out of buzzers so they took my number, said they'd call and told me it was s 40-50 minute wait. Not cool for hungry bellies. There is a hibachi/sushi place a little down the road from this place, Asahi, so we left to give it a shot.

When we walked in it, we noticed that not too many people were inside. Granted it's Tuesday but still, it was odd. The restaurant is split into two parts, the hibachi side and the sushi side. I peeped through both curtains and saw 3 people enjoying their hibachi show and absolutely nothing going on on the sushi side. No people, no staff, no lights. After a couple of minutes pass, the waitress comes over looking to seat us. We told her two for sushi and motioned for us to go through the sushi curtains and we can sit wherever we'd like. We sit and its still pretty dark, even for fancy restaurant standards, even though this place seemed far from fancy at the moment. A few more minutes go back and the waitress comes back and takes our drink order, and brings them over a few more minutes later. The uncertainty of eating at this place keeps getting stronger for me. Ryne ends up asking the waitress if she's the only one working today and she responded with "Yeah, what do you want?" It definitely didn't seem like the happiest place to get birthday sushi. We ended up leaving and just as we're walking back to the truck, we get a call from the other restaurant saying our table is ready. Wooo!

That night we also went down to the Purdue University campus to walk around. This campus is huge and gorgeous. My college looks so puny in comparison. It could fit in one little nook of this campus. To put into perspective for those that don't understand how big it is. Each degree has their own college within the university, plus there is an airport, a golf course and since they have a great sports program, their football and basketball court are top of the line. Ryne graduated quite a few years ago and is flabbergasted on how much the campus and the town have changed and upgraded. So many new things have been put in. And the sculptures around campus are fantastic. Its a very awesome place to check out. Here are just some of the highlights:

I enjoy going out to eat, but three nights in a row is a bit much for me. The following night, we're eating in. Home cooked meals are almost always the best. And fun fact: the cast iron skillet and I are finally getting along! All it took was learning the best way to clean it. Eggs over easy though...still a challenge.

Bru Burger was our next stop the follow night as I had to review the place. A very shortened version of the review, the food is delicious, the service was on the slow side, but our drink cups were never empty. They even gave us a free dessert for my birthday. FYI, if you order bread puddin' anywhere, its massive! The rest of the week was filled with BBQ and s'mores and boy did we eat good this week. Now its time to get back into the swing of things. We're normally pretty healthy eaters and get at least some exercise in every day.

Now readers, what do you want to hear about when there's not a full on adventure? Products we use? The everyday living? Something else? Let us know!

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