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Our trailer was about, maybe 180-230 square feet (we were never really sure). We were able to have a queen-sized bed, individual closets, a full kitchen with an island, and a living space with a loveseat and 2 recliners. It was small but it was perfect for what we wanted and what we wanted to do.

Now, we have close to 1000 square feet of space, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a huge living room, a full kitchen, and all of our stuff out of storage.

We have a lot of stuff.

Before we started our travel trailer journey, we had gotten rid of a lot. Donated what we could and threw away the things we couldn't. What was left went into the storage unit. You get used to living without "stuff" pretty quickly. Now that it's all back, part of it was like Christmas morning, "Whoa this is so cool!" And the other part, where are we going to put all of this? It's taken some time, but things are finding their place. More donation bags have been made, more trips to the garbage. More, where should this go? Tungsten hasn't helped much, wherever there's somewhere comfortable to lie, he does.

New place, he tries to prove that it's his. That part is frustrating most of all. But most things are put away. Our on-going struggle, where should we keep the bikes? Where do these huge Rubbermaid's that were in the bed of the truck go? Where can we get a couch that will be awesome and available for quick delivery? (Thank you Costco! Even though our delivery was delayed a week) Ryne also picked up a giant beanbag couch that's pretty stellar.

But readjusting to normal-sized things... it's wild. Mainly using the stove. I had grown so accustomed to our #tinykitchen. Now we have an electric stovetop oven with 4 burners and it's full size! But now I'm realizing that having a stove with a wall immediately on the right side. Not ideal for right-handed users. Also, going from gas burners to electric burners... a little tricky, but we haven't burnt anything yet. Having more space overall is really nice though. It's been very easy to adapt back to "normal" life.

A great adjustment is not having to worry about the weather dripping below freezing. Having real, thick walls is wonderful. Not having to worry about pipes freezing, turning on the electric heater, it's been great! On top of not having to worry about the cold, we have all of Frederick at our fingertips.

The ability to walk outside and be in the middle of everything is awesome! Coffee shop where they know your order? Check. Tough decision of where you want to eat dinner when you want to eat out? Check. Shop at all the small business to help keep them open? Check.

However, now that we're mostly settled in, back in the groove of things. It's time to start changing things up with Rymmii Adventures. As stated previously, we're obviously not going to be traveling to a new state every week or so, but that doesn't mean the adventures are going to stop. We'll be readjusting here as well. We'll still be out and about, trying to restuarants, hiking up trails, exploring new towns, playing new (and retro) games, and a whole lot more. We will also start transitioning from blog posts to videos. We'll still make sure they're uploaded here but you'll also be able to catch them on YouTube. As this will be our first time taking on videos and editing, please be nice :) Although, we're always welcome to constructive feedback.

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See you soon!

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