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Welcome to 2020!

Happy New Year! Can you believe its already a week into 2020? The holiday season is over and it's back to usual. Hopefully the new usual for most. With resolutions and change on the rise, I hope everyone who has made resolutions does well and intends to keep them. If you need help sticking to them, don't hesitate to reach out. With great pride, I can officially say I am now also a Wellness Coach (Wooo!) and here to help with any problems you might be facing. Shameless self-promotion, done. But honestly, I do hope you stick to your resolutions and make 2020 the best year ever. That's our plan, too.

While 2019 had a lot of great points, it had a ton of lows that overshadowed much of the year. As the old saying goes, "it could have been worse" which, yes, it very well could have, but we're not going to let it! Neither of us really makes resolutions but we do have an overall goal to get back on the road and travel again. We have been stationed in Indianapolis for around 4 months now and we both really, really miss life on the road. How do we do that? It mainly sits in my hands. A remote position. The golden ticket. It has been my struggle since the start. I've found and many odds and ends, task-oriented, short-term gigs, but the long term, Harumph! Underqualified, overqualified, going in a different direction, I think I've heard it all at this point. Frustrating, yes, but I'm determined to find something. On top of keeping up my personal training certification, I'll be looking to obtain more certs outside of that scope that will make my resume more appealing. Do I hear Salesforce Admin Cert calling? Yup!

We also have lots of adventures on the calendar already! Day trips to the art museum, indoor rock climbing, attempt to take a tour of Area 51, take bets on when Old Faithful with shoot out, [insert cryptic phrase about going back to NYC], see how bourbon is made and much more.

And even if things don't work out in our favor this year, there are so many things to explore in Indiana itself. Did you know there's a town called Santa Claus and they have an amusement park called Holiday World? Another town called French Lick which sounds like it came out of a Karma Sutra book. Hike Hoosier Forest, head back to Indiana Dunes to explore the new National Park more. Maybe even take on the RAIN ride (160-mile bike ride across Indiana).

Another big goal for the year, find a great dim sum/dumpling spot outside or NYC, Seattle and California. There is a serious shortage of authentic and good dim sum outside of these places. Please give us your recommendations/suggestions! Chicago Chinatown, we're coming for you soon!

Oh, and Ryne's beard update: It's about 2" long right now.

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