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Rain Can't Stop Us!

It was a dark and stormy night...well actually it was the daytime but dark and stormy all the same. With the holidays and everything else, the last few weeks, we haven't had much time to explore. Now that we finally had a free weekend, we weren't going to let that stop us! Off to Newfields!

"What is Newfields?" You ask? Its a pretty stellar 152-acre campus that encompasses the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), The Lilly House, the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Center: 100 Acres, The Gardens at Newfield and more. With it being such a dreary day, we stuck to the IMA to check out the four floors of amazing art. Each floor has its own unique theme as well. Trying to be as strategic as possible, we started at the top and worked our way down. The 4th floor may have been my personal favorite, mostly sculptures, 3D pieces and one of their special exhibitions. Some are so fascinating, the creative minds people have to think of such complex designs and bring them to life is amazing. While others, such as a few pieces of yarn stretched across a portion of a room... a little harder to get behind. Yes, it breaks up the room, makes angles, etc. but its string... on a wall and the floor. Making hundreds of thousands of little people to hold up a floor? Playing with the mind's eye with plexiglass and light? Taking etchings from the Speedway track, layering them on top of each other with bold colors? Now those are amazing to look at. See for yourself! (Yarn line not photographed)

Heading down to the third floor, we were surrounded by art and artifacts from around the world: various countries in Africa, India, European countries. I think what's most fascinating to me is how drastically different the art is from country to country in the early years. From having different resources and mediums to create art to how they see themselves and others in the world. From craving marble slabs in Europe to carving sandstone in Asia to carving wood in Africa. People have done amazing things keeping these pieces intact too, some are thousands of years old! Take this Vishnu for example. Do you know how fragile sandstone is? Made around 950 and he's just lost an arm! Pretty impressive, Vishnu.

This floor also has an exhibition on 'modern' furniture and gadgets through the ages. Mostly American concepts, such as a chair made entirely of blankets zip-tied together. Further inside you can find things like an Apple iBook color.

Finally, we make it to the second floor. Mainly paintings, mostly modernist, impressionist but not all. I had no idea pointillism became so wildly popular. Apparently, a lot of people at the time did too since most were thought to be created by Seurat. We did get to see original works by Cezanne, Van Gogh and more. Plus see a snippet of what Indianapolis looked like in the late 1800s. Gosh, art is so cool.

So what's your favorite piece of art? Who's your favorite artist? What should we check out next?

Speaking of, Las Vegas, we're coming back for you next week!

And Ryne's beard update: It's been shaved, we're back to stubble

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