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Moving on, back to Indianapolis

Good riddance! Big Fish-N-Campground is definitely not a place to stay in a trailer long term. It easily went on the list of campgrounds to not return to. The water being the biggest deal. It stained everything, literally everything it touched had a reddish-orange color to it. Gross. With all-new filters at our new campground, we're back to safe water. If these are things that places like Flint, MI have to deal with on a daily basis, we definitely need to do something about it.

Living on the road has definitely deepened my feelings on making the world more eco-friendly. Having way more activist-like thoughts. How so many things should change and can change but its money talks louder. How can I stop plastics from going into the ocean if there are no recycling receptacles anywhere? They just go in the trash. I also say this while driving around in a big-ass, gas-guzzling monster truck (I miss my real bike). OK, venting is stopping again.

There was so much running around while we were in Lafayette, we had very little time to go and explore. We did, however, get to check out a ton of restaurants and eateries while we were there. Here's our quick breakdown:

Thai Essence - West Lafayette: No complaints. Pad Thai was good as was the Pad Kee Mao. Perfect Thai Iced Teas too (always a plus).

Asahi: Skip it!

Sushi Don: It's okay, it's gone down in quality I think. They do have a 50% off sushi menu for dinner on Tuesday and Thursday nights

Java Jo'z: Very cool drive-thru coffee shop delicious drinks and they come with a Biscoff cookie!

Bru Burger: Very good food and we tried almost everything! Our service wasn't the best though.

CoreLife Eatery: Awesome! It's like Chipotle but with fresh, healthy foods. They also have a variety of different Lemonades and tea.

Fiesta Mexican Grill - West Lafayette: Mighty good tacos and burritos, college joint for sure.

The Joshua Cup: Crawfordsville, IN: Very cool location, 3 floors of seating space, friendly baristas. Matcha wasn't very bold in flavor though.

Trish's Red Bird Cafe: Dayton, IN: Adorable local restaurant. Definitely has that small-town feel. Great mid-west cooking food style.

HuHot: Don't forget to wear your stretchy pants to this one! All-you-can-eat Mongolian Grill, its been a staple for a while now.

Amer's Grill: New Mediterranean grill with a buffet, skip the buffet, the food is mostly dry/overcooked. Ordering from the menu might be a better bet.

Great Harvest Bread Company: My absolute favorite place in Lafayette! Freshly baked bread every day! Discounts on yesterday's bread, delicious sandwiches made with their fresh bread. Scones, muffins, everything!

India Mahal - West Lafayette: I was surprised at how good this place was! They have a buffet too but ordered from the menu. Everything was amazing.

There are tons of chains in Lafayette, but when you can find the local places, it seems like 9 out of 10 times, its the right choice. Now back to budgeting food properly again. We didn't take a single food picture at any of these places either!

So here a bunch of animal photos, mostly of Tungsten. Careful, there are 10 photos and the last 2 are of spiders.

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