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Missed Spots and the First Week

Updated: May 15, 2019

Life tends to take unexpected turns. Sometimes when you least expect it, sometimes at when, you feel horrible about thinking it, but at inconvenient timing. Tragedy strikes and you must roll with it.

In our last couple of weeks in Maryland, a lot of things were happening. I was saying goodbye to clients at the gyms, wrapping things up at both clubs, packing, moving things to storage, all the typical, you're-about-to-move things. There was a planned week between leaving work and heading out. That Thursday night, I was slowly saying goodbye to clients and coworkers and see a missed call from Ryne. I call back to hear his voicemail and think nothing of it. Moments later, he calls back again with the horrible news that his father passed away, Struck by the news, I ask if he's okay and tell him I'm leaving the gym now. I gathered my things, quickly said goodbye to my co-workers and explained why I had to rush out of there.

Back at the apartment, Ryne is still gathering information, figuring out next steps. Without question, we're headed to Indiana the next day. A stressful time just had another layer of stress added to it.

In weeks leading up to move, we have been testing out our Verizon Jetpack (more on this in a later post). It will be how we access internet on the road. Good thing we've been testing too because our Jetpack has been defective and after every troubleshooting task, it turns out we need a new one which they of course do not have in stock. It will take a week to arrive; which just happens to be this day as well. We gotta make moves and we gotta make them quick! On top of that, I still had to finish up at the gym the next morning. Thankfully, clients were understanding and we were able to move things around.

Flash forward through the next couple of weeks: We spent it cleaning up his father's house and making as many arrangements as we we could. Back in Maryland 5 days later, we're back to packing like crazy, bringing things over to storage, getting a hair cut, going to the Bon Voyage party the gym was having for us, run in a mud run, attend the last boot camp I could through Anytime Fitness and more packing and running to the storage unit. My father came down to help us which was a huge help.

You've already read about the day we left so we can flash forward even more to our first week out on the road: Back in Indiana

Things are never easy when someone dies. Besides the emotional toll it takes, there is so much to take care of. Its not a quick process. For a week that we were going to spend exploring Indiana, was instead changed to finishing up all we could for Ryne's father and changing over all of our information to Indiana.

Did you think the stress wasn't enough? We'll there's more.

One of the reasons we were starting our adventure in Indiana first was because of the Indy Mini. My brother, Ryne's sister, my cousin-in-law, my brother's friend and I all signed up to run. Smack dab in the middle of all this now, is the run, a weekend escape. To be honest, it was a blast. The weather was miserable for the run, but we had a great time. Everyone did great and it was even Ryne's sister's first half marathon!

One of the stipulations to sign up for the run for my cousin in law was we had to go to St. Elmo's Steakhouse. We needed to try the St. Elmo's famous shrimp cocktail (sauce). Woowee! Will that clear up any sinus infection you have! They grow and cut their own horseradish which give it such a kick! After a bite, muscles were moving uncontrollably, eyes were watering. I felt it in the back of my head, Ryne in the front. It is truly an experience. If you have the opportunity to try it...try it! The rest of the food was great too but I don't think anything can match that sauce in talking points.

St. Elmo's Famous Shrimp Cocktail

Before we left for Indianapolis, we went to the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) to change over our license and registrations. This was definitely something we didn't look into beforehand due to how easy it was to do in Maryland. Pop quiz time! 50 Multiple choice questions and you needed to get 42 right to pass. Don't worry drivers of the road! I passed, no problem. However, since Ryne didn't have a second piece of mail with the new address, we'll have to make another trip out here next week, Tuesday.

Again, something we didn't think anything of since we knew the drill already. Well, we thought wrong, again! Tuesday is an election day! All of their computers are being used for said election. And we're leaving for Ohio the next day! So much for getting an early start!

Wednesday morning comes, Ryne goes to the BMV while I run the pre-road trip errands of getting gas and road snacks (I love road snacks). When I get back he's getting his picture taken. He passed! Another oversight? His motorcycle endorsement. Two tests for him! And apparently the motorcycle one is way harder! But Phew! we managed to get everything done. We ran back to grab the dogs, head off to pick up the trailer and off we go to Ohio!

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