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What Happens in Vegas Shouldn't Have To Stay There

Especially with us! We don't go to Las Vegas to lose our money, minds, and morals. We go there to see its amazing wonders! (One of which is my Grandmother who just turned 100!) Nevada has so money cool and unique things to do and see and we barely even scratched the surface. With only 3 full days there and 1 monumental birthday to celebrate, we couldn't possibly do everything on our Nevada to-do list (That list is rather long).

My Vegas family lives out near Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, a perfect place to have a family fun day. It hosts a 13-mile, one-way, scenic drive through the area and scenic it is! Everywhere you look is picture-worthy views. They're stunning and breath-taking. Red Rock Canyon is part of the Mojave Desert and loaded with red sandstone peaks and walls. The walls are called The Keystone Thursts and can get up to 3,000 feet in height. The highest point within the Conservation Area is La Madre Mountain which reaches over 8000 feet! If you're looking for a great place to go hiking or climbing, this is it! Don't forget to bring your National Park Pass here to get free entry too! Throughout the drive, there are plenty of spots to pull over to take in the sights and hike. We, personally, didn't have time to do any of the trails, but we did get to climb around and take plenty of photos. Next time, we're taking the bikes!

Our next big stop was to the Extraterrestrial Highway. The road that leads to Area 51. Knowing full well we couldn't get in, we took the almost 2-hour drive to see the sign. My cousin's Howie and Iris joined us on this little detour road trip. There is a little more than nothing on the way out there so the whole ride up was spent telling tales of past adventures and creating jokes about this new one. Our first stop in alien central was E.T. Fresh Jerky. We didn't see any actual jerky made out of aliens, all that remained was beef and the occasional "abducted cow." Tons of different flavors. Unfortunately, I couldn't eat any of it but Ryne could and settled on the sweet and spicy. The verdict is: It's delicious. For my brother, who is intrigued by eating new meats, I picked up the Teriyaki Abducted Cow jerky. We have yet to hear the verdict on that flavor.

Not too far from this Jerky shop is the sign for the Extraterrestrial Highway. Until recently, it was covered in stickers of all kinds. It has since been replaced and put quite a bit higher up. It was a bit of a challenge even for me to climb. Surprisingly, some people did, granted they may have had the help of a ladder, and expressed their feelings about someone. It was surreal being there though. After all the videos, news stories, daydreams about the area, we were actually there. Ryne's been fascinated with space since...forever. It was like crossing something off the bucket list. It was crossing something off the bucket list. It may look like a bunch of baren land but what it may or may not hold is fascinating.

And a little further up the road, The Area 51 Alien Research Center. AKA the gift shop. Filled with most aliens you can think of, Scully and Mulder, shirts for the Storm Area 51 event, alien tequila, so many things. It was all very cool.

Our favorite part about traveling has also been spontaneous side adventures. That brought us to Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. There is an Upper and Lower portion of this lake so we obviously had to go to both to see which had the better view (Upper hands down). Not only was the upper Lake area much more maintained, but they had RV campsites, a 2-mile hiking/biking trail along the waterway and easy access to the water. Howie and I braved the cold and dipped our feet/foot into the cold, cold water. I found a fully intact, almost fossil-like snail shell. It is absolutely beautiful here, out in the middle of nowhere. This would certainly be an awesome place for some rest and relaxation dry RVing. It's going on the list. The lower... it may have gotten some better photos, but not as well cared for, the road to it is super rough and just not as pleasant to stay longer than the 15 minutes we were there.

And of course, we cannot forget the main attraction of our visit, Nana's 100th birthday! It's not every day you can celebrate a century of life. We had a lovely brunch party for her with friends and family from everywhere. It was such a delight seeing her so happy being surrounded by so much love. Let's hope we all can live such a rich, happy and healthy life!

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