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Last Week In Lafayette

Our month long stay in Lafayette is coming to a close this week. And if there's anything I can't wait to be done with here, it's is the water at the campground. It's awful. As an RV Life standard, we have a filter outside. It's meant to filter all the water coming into the camper.

Outside Water Filter

Coming from the health & fitness world, I drink a lot of water. Working with Core-22, I know the importance of filtered water. For the last year and change, we've been using a Pur Water filter for drinking water. And it works fairly well. Water tastes fine, we're not drinking any harsh chemicals, its great. We've found, however, the we've been going through filters like crazy! It's a little ridiculous. They typically are suppose to last about 2-4 months, depending on how much water is being filtered. And now? Its about 2 weeks.

The outside filter lasts about 3 months, so we come to realize its probably time to change it. That's cool, replacement filters installed. Did it help? Eh, maybe for a little bit. So I start to think, maybe we need a stronger filter inside. I go out and get a ZeroWater. It's suppose to work better than Brita, Pur, all the standards. It even comes with a little meter so you can see for yourself how its working.


It works amazingly! The meter is comes with tests the Total Dissolved Solids. The water straight from the faucet? 368! After filtration, 000. Way better! But its been about 2 weeks since we got the filter and its already at 005. It's recommended you replace it once the meter reads 006. Great. The water here sucks.

It's not just horrible to drink either. It's discoloring our sink and shower! Granted, its a campground known for their fishing. There are 3 huge ponds here for people to catch and release fish at. But those look very murky as well. It doesn't seem to be as well maintained as it could be. I can only imagine what's actually in the water.

Did this blog post just turn into a vent post? Maybe. But we won't get into the whole catch and release fishing thing.

As for the inside, white vinegar and baking soda has helped us rid the bathroom of the orange streaks. But ugh, its nasty.

As for the fun stuff this week... The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Like most children's museums, its way more hands on than a standard museum. Sports and dinosaurs are the main attractions here too. All things kids love. Dinosaurs are even busting in and out of this place!

Want to try out a sport? This place will let you do that, baseball to football, (peddle) car racing to golf. A really great way for kids to test the waters for all their interests.

Inside, you can see how dinosaurs most likely lived, the skeleton of a giant, ancient crocodile, ride on a 100 year old carousel, check the time on the largest water clock in North America and so much more. Its a great place for children and adults alike.

All the stressful things we don't talk about on here are easing up/coming to a close so hopefully the wild ride and adventure continues!

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