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Lakes, Rivers and Hikes, Oh My!

A week in Lake George. The campground we stayed in wasn't in Lake George proper, it is about 4 miles away from the downtown area in a town called Warrensburg. This campground is so much nicer than the one in Accord, NY. It is much smaller, but much cleaner and much more well kept. The bathrooms are all individual bathroom/showers. The Schroon River runs right by the campground. Once Memorial Day came and the crowds left, we had a gorgeous riverside view. The dogs had a blast with all the space they had then too. There is a little beach with canoes and kayaks you can rent for the day or beach chairs just to lounge around in. We really moved on up in the campground world here. But holy schnikes are there a lot of mosquitoes! They are out for blood in every sense of the term! Despite hating the product, deet was our saving grace this week. That one saying is right, if you ever think, as one person, you can't make any change, think of that one mosquito in the room. So many mosquitoes.

Lake George is a very cool, however. Just like Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH, its very much a summer, vacation town. The main street is filled with restaurants, bars, souvenir shops. It sure is pretty though. The lake is 32 miles long and at its widest, 4 miles. Certainly not a large as Erie, but impressive nonetheless. The Adirondacks are also always in the background. It truly is a serene location. One we got on the strip, we how silly it was to not bring either the bikes or the skateboards. It would have been perfect. The weather is perfect, the sun is shining and we could see so much more if we could go faster. We can do just fine on foot too, so we walk. Every step we take has just phenomenal views. The mountains are so green, the water so blue. The beach is free, you can walk right onto it. And even a state park across the street. Beautiful area. There is so much history here too. From the French-Indian War to being a vacation spot for Thomas Jefferson.

With so many food options, it was hard to chose what to try. We ended up getting dinner at a place called Sushi Yoshi off the strip. It was a mighty fine choice. They had hibachi and regular menu options and really good sushi! We shared a couple of rolls and their Pad Thai (after a recommendation from the waitress). It was delightful.

On a day of exploration, we set forth on a nearby hike. To the top of Hackensack Mountain we go! The second we got out of the truck we are surrounded by more mosquitoes. Its almost like this area is the mosquito capital of the world. Tungsten came along for the hike. It's a relatively short hike, maybe 3 miles round trip but with mountain in the name, there was a tremendous amount up uphill climbs. T was a trooper. He's awesome on hikes. For a little guy he it seems to love it. Leading the pack, leaping over rocks and roots, its great to watch. The view from the top is stunning. It over looks Warrensburg and the Adirondacks are in the distance as well. Spectacular. Even with the mosquitoes buzzing around continuously.

A View From Hackensack Mountain

On a bike ride, we are further able to see the town. The Schroon River runs right through the town leading to so many cool bridges. Local people used that to their advantage. Boat launches were all along the river. The town even has a beautification subdivision. We met a couple of members getting ready to plant some flowers around a gazebo right off the river. It works, the areas all along look great.

The night before leaving I got a text message from our friend Kim who was on her way up to the Lake George area for her husband's father's surprise birthday party. Looking to try to meet up, we were able to arrange having breakfast together. We didn't really have time to go out for breakfast since we had to leave the campground at 11am so decided to have it at the trailer. It was delightful! Between the four of us, we made a breakfast fit for royalty. Pancakes off the skillet, followed by turkey sausage, scrambled eggs in the instant pot and some fresh fruit. Kim and Tyler even brought their dog, Odin, over so the boys could have a play date. It was adorable. T even played nice, there were no issues with any dog getting too rough, just too exhausted.

RV/Travel Trailer/Camper life is not all fun and games, adventure and exploring. Work still needs to happen. Monday through Friday are still spent as part of the work force. Chores still need to be done, too. Despite the trailer not being a traditional house, we still need to clean, take care of the dogs, cook, do the dishes, do the laundry, catch up with friends, family, find the next best thing on Netflix or what people are doing on YouTube. (C'mon season 3 of Cobra Kai! #teamjohnny) Our day to day is not much different than the standard couple, our location just happens to change much more frequently. So far, it has been one of the most fun things either of us have done.

Taco Tuesdays Don't Stop

We have spent the last 3 weeks in various parts of New York. After living in upstate NY for college, it has a special place in my heart. There is so much more to the state too, we could spend months here and still not get to see everything we want. But alas, our time has come to move along. Vermont, here we come!

Peace out NY -Road dogs

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