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So, We're Going Through With It

Updated: May 7, 2019

It's been quite a while since my last post. So much has happened! We're doing it! A few months back I was in my curious state and looking at trucks online. I wouldn't call it obsessive but I was looking pretty often at used ones on Facebook Marketplace, local used dealerships and more for used trucks. That one day though, I see a Red Ram. According to my eye and little but growing knowledge of trucks, it seems perfect. I send it over to Ryne to have a second look to confirm my thoughts. He does, but has some doubts, thinking its too early to look, we're not 100% doing this yet, etc. I push a bit further that we should at least go check it out, maybe test drive it and have the dealership answer a few more of our questions. He agrees and I make the appointment for that Saturday. Welp... That Saturday we drove home in our new used truck. It has everything we were looking for in a truck. The towing package, the towing weight capacity we needed and the storage space and comfort we didn't know we wanted. Thanks Criswell of Thurmont!

It was kind of decided that day that the nomad life was happening. Now all we needed was the actual travel trailer. The online search continued! I kept checking Chesaco RV's website for theirs, Facebook Marketplace, even a client of mine who was looking to sell theirs. There were a couple of trailers that peaked our interest. So we inquired. There was a 28 foot Aspen Trail we like a lot via the photos online. After reaching out about it, we found out the trailer was going to be on display at the RV Show in Timonium, MD. A little over an hour away from us. We were invited to come down and check it out so we did. It was pretty cool. But we also got to explore all the others out there too. Another trailer we liked was a Keystone Bullet Premier but it was 30 feet! Not sure if we could handle that much trailer. However, there were tons of Bullets we can look through (on top of every other brand you can think of! This show was huge!).

Fun fact, we found out here that I cannot drive most Class A RVs....I'm too short. For those of you looking into the monster RVs...I'm 5'2".

The whole expo was an eye opening experience. There are so many different makes and models and looks and feels of trailers. With the thought of the Keystone Bullet still on our minds and the description of it seemingly perfect for what we're looking to do; we inquired with the sales manager who helped us into the show. He pulled up the specs and photos and almost tried to buy the RV from under us he liked it so much. Everyone did! It was at their Joppa, MD location. For those of you not in the area, its pronounced Jappa. People will not hesitate to laugh and correct you. We put a deposit down and went to look at it the next weekend and went ahead with the purchase. Things are happening! The Truck is in place, the Trailer is taken care of, now on to purchase all the random things we want to put into the trailer!

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