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We Made It To Lafayette, IN

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We made it to Lafayette, IN! We'll be here for a whole month. This is the longest we've stayed in one place since we started this adventure. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Not having to break down and move after a week or 2 will be nice though!

@visitindiana made a post last month about 70 stranger things to see in Indiana (in conjunction with Stranger Things since Hawkins isn't a real town). And there are tons of cool, silly or odd things on the list. Things like a grave site in the middle of the road, the largest ball of paint, Hanger 1 at Purdue where Emilia Earhart is said to haunt, and a chainsaw garden just to name a few. I need to get started on seeing this list! I really do love all the oddities across this country so far. Its so funny and interesting to see what people think of either to memorialize or think up as an art piece. The possibilities are endless. I may have said this before but before meeting Ryne, I didn't think much about Indiana. Not that I had anything against the state, it just never crossed my radar. Indianapolis, the Indy 500, but I'm not much of a car racing fan. Thoughts like this is always what sparked my interest in a country road trip. Spending a week in every state has been on my bucket list since I first started a bucket list. The country is so vast and different.

While I haven't started the oddities list yet, we did get to our county's newest National Park. Indiana Dunes. It's in the far Northwest of the State. Right on Lake Michigan. Since we're staying near Ryne's family, they joined us in this adventure. They did more research than we did before leaving. Since Dunes was in the name, I was expecting sand dunes and hiking. Little did I know at the time there's a super swanky beach right on Lake Michigan. All it would have taken was a quick Google search. Oops.

You guys can have all the beforehand information! Indiana Dunes is the country's 61st National Park and covers 15,000 acres! It has the dunes, wetlands and forest terrain on top of the 15 miles of beach along the Lake Michigan. On a clear day, you can see Chicago across the water. There are 50 miles of trails to hike and some even bikable. There is even 3 Dune Challenge! It's the toughest and hardest climb within the whole park. It leads you up a vertical climb of 552 feet over the course of 1.5 miles. It leads to apparently breathtaking views of the park. Running/hiking/walking on sand is so much harder than a more firm surface. Challenge time I go!

Regardless of my lack of info to start, it was a great day at the beach. It was a perfect beach day. The perfect beach day does also mean that the sand is freaking hot though! Ouch! This is also only my third time going to a legit beach that doesn't lead to the ocean. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the ocean, the coast, everything about it. However, it was so nice being in fresh water. No worry about saltwater getting in your mouth, no seaweed getting stuck to you, being able to see your feet. It's really nice. Dogs are allowed on the beach too! Tungsten joined us. He's such a trooper. With all the blue-green algae warnings and his own fear of the water, he didn't go in but got close to the lake. He did hike up a dune, run down it and across the beach (and steal some food from the kids' plates when they said they were finished and not looking).

Let Indiana adventure part 3 continue!

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