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Hey, Remember Us?

Sorry it's been a month since my last post! We're still trying to figure everything out from the transition from full-time travel RVing to full-time RVing and where to take this blog. Please bear with us, there will be more posts to come!

We've settled into Indianapolis pretty well at this point. I began working at a physical location again, the trailer is fully insulated and we're able to keep warm and we've begun to look for a house. However, the more we look for a house and the further into winter we go, we debate if we want to stay in Indiana. New York and Maryland keep drawing us in and have our hearts and Austin has its unique perks as well. One will keep us warm all year round, while the other three will be close to most friends and family. Picking a place to live permanently is such a tough decision! We'll make one sooner or later.

November sure flew by too, didn't it? Can you believe there are only 29 days left in the year? In this decade?! We're going to be on a mission to make 2020 the best year ever. This year had a lot of rough patches but we made it through. Whether we're stronger or just different, we survived and still smiling. Anyway, back to November. There is so much going on in Indianapolis. This little city has something for everyone. Early in the month, we got to see Dave Attell (shout out to RVC!) who is hysterical and Jimmy Eat World who were amazing. I tried out CrossFit for a month. It's always been an intriguing class and it certainly will kick your butt. It's definitely way different than what I do and teach in the gym but I was really excited to learn and do new things. They had me doing things like snatches and cleans and even climbing a rope! I love climbing things! I do need to work on my jump roping skills though. Those double-unders are no joke! (When the rope passes underneath you twice while you jump once)

We had a delightful Friendsgiving where we both tried a fried turkey for the first time. That's delicious, it's so tender and juicy. I learned what corn casserole is and tried it for the first time on actual Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving with Ryne's family and got hustled by his grandmother in the game, Left Right Center.

Even Tungsten had an eventful month with a nail trimming (his second least favorite activity ever) and celebrated his Home Day/Gotcha Day where he got to eat double everything (his most favorite activity ever). He's been hanging with me for 8 years now! Don't worry, he's still as crazy as ever.

With all the house hunting we've been doing, we've been able to see so many parts of Indianapolis we've never seen before too. There are tons of unique and modern looking homes on the rise and old Victorian-style homes on the mend. Once this revitalization process is finished, Indy is going to be so swanky!

Speaking of the cold, we had our first snowfall this month too. I still prefer to be far away from it. It's cold, it's wet, it's no fun.

The last little fun bit of November was all the delicious home-cooked meals we had. We tried out Home Chef and received 3 meals for 2. Two chicken dishes, and spicy shrimp tacos. We've come to the conclusion that tortellini may be one of the best Italian dumplings and chicken Korma pizza works! We've also have become whizzes at using the skillets. Cleaning them is still annoying as anything but it cooks everything so well. Stir-frys are still our go-to meal. The Instant Pot has taken a backseat this past month but it is chili season. We'll need to test it out as a slow cooker!

For now, we're signing off! Until next time (which will be sooner than a month from now!)

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