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Let's Eat Our Way Around Flushing!

New York will always hold a special place in my heart. After spending 30+ years living in various parts in the state, how could it not? It's an amazing place. No matter what part of New York you're thinking of. We spent many weeks in the early parts of our Travel Trailer adventure in Upstate NY. This time around, we didn't take the trailer with us, but went back to our old stomping grounds of Southern NY, Long Island, Queens & Manhattan (Sorry Brooklyn and Bronx, we didn't get to you this time around). There's so much to see and do here, during our week back, we didn't even scratch the surface! We tried to get in as much as possible and we did quite well if I do say so myself.

The Rymmii Adventures began in Queens. A good chunk of it revolved around food too. It may be a bold statement but, Queens has the best food in the world! Probably because it has food from all of the world. As long as you know to stay away from places with a "C" rating, you'll be in for a treat! If you need a delicious food day, here are some top spots:

Stop 1: Sweet Haus - 143-1 45th St Flushing, NY - Come in early for a super yummy smoothie. Let it jump-start your day since there will be a lot of walking. They have a full breakfast and lunch menu of course including a $4 Turkey sausage, egg and swiss on a bagel but we've got a lot of food stops to cover so pace yourself.

Our favorites: Peanut Butter Banana and Matcha Love.

Stop 2: Maxin Bakery - 40-06 Main Street Flushing, NY & 37-01 Main Street Flushing, NY - You could go here at any time during your Flushing Food Day. They're open most of the day. From sweet to savory pastries, the shelves are filled with freshly baked delights. You don't have to wait for anyone since you can pick your pastry(ies) of choice (if it's not wrapped, please use the tongs) and find your way to the cashier. Its a quick and easy trip.

Our favorites: Red Bean Cake

Stop 3: Corner 28 - 135-24 40th Rd Flushing, NY - You may look at this place and want to keep walking. Don't. Go through those hard plastic, curtain-like doors and head straight for the back. It may take you a minute to get past all the people, but once you get to that last booth, order a duck bun. For $1.25 you'll get such a tasty treat. Their own melt-in-your-mouth bun recipe houses delectable Cantonese-style BBQ duck topped with barbeque sauce and cabbage. It's a perfect afternoon snack. Maybe a full lunch if we weren't on an epic food day but we have more places to get to! Don't fill up just yet!

Time to Digest a little. Take some time to walk around Flushing, maybe see Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Look at the remnants from the 1964 World's Fair, the Unisphere, the (Men In Black) space ships. You could see Citi Field, Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, watch hundreds of people play soccer/futball or just walk anyone of their paths.

Stop 4: Dumpling Galaxy - 42-35 Main St Flushing, NY - Now that you've digested a little bit, its time for some dumplings! Dumplings are a near-perfect food. While its no, Din Thai Fung, Dumpling Galaxy does a pretty spectacular job. It is inside Arcadia Mall but don't let that fool you, Flushing Malls are very different from every other mall. The menu has recently been revamped but still has tons of dumpling variations. There might even be some secret, off-menu options as well ::cough cough:: lamb dumplings ::cough cough::

Current favorite: Duck Mushroom Dumplings

Stop 5: Kung Fu Tea - various locations - There is no shortage of Bubble Tea places in Flushing these days. For the most part, you can't go wrong (you don't have to get boba if you don't want/like it). Chun Yang I believe is the newest and the best (straight from Taiwan) but their line is still ridiculously long and if you want a delicious refresher, Kung Fu does the trick. Go elaborate or basic, either way, enjoy!

Our favorites: Kung Fu Milk Tea & Taro Milk Tea (with Boba!)

Time for another digestion break! Maybe explore Kissena Park this time. Tons of trails, a lake, beautiful scenery, off the beaten path. Walk off some calories to make room for dinner.

Stop 6: Satay Malaysian Cuisine - 46-01 Kissena Blvd Flushing, NY - We're leaving Main St Flushing here but well worth it. First off, Roti. If you haven't had roti before, its essentially an Indian style pancake. It's thin, light and perfect for dipping into a curry sauce. You can get it crispy or soft. We ate with friends here so of course we ate family style to eat as many different things as possible.

Our Favorite: Ayam Rendang & Surang Burung

If you are planning a trip to New York City, don't be afraid of the outer boroughs. They are just as fun and have just as many cool things to do and see. One important thing to know, bring cash. Many places still do not accept credit cards.

More on New York Tomorrow!

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