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We've officially made it to the One-Week mark!

We have officially lived full-time out of our travel trailer for a week now. Ever since we had the site switched to a fully functional one, we have been smooth sailing! The sun even finally came out!

We are in a town called Accord. But pronounced "Ackerd." It was originally named Port Jackson but the townspeople apparently didn't like the name so they started a petition with Albany to have it changed. Maybe things happened too quickly or they all just had different ideas and couldn't settle on one but the authorities could not reach an accord of what to change the name to. How original! Its a very small town in Ulster County, New York, under 1000 people still, probably. However, it is a very cool area for hiking, biking and walking. We are surrounded by Minnewaska State Park, Mohonk Preserve and so many wild forests. Even the Hudson River isn't too far away.

The campground are still on the shabby side. On a walk with the dogs we spoke with one of the grounds keepers who informed us since a corporate company took over the grounds, the owner/manager/person that runs the show gets a bigger bonus the less he spends. It all makes sense now.

Its been a week living in the trailer. Our new normal has officially began. Not much has changed, some things need getting use to. The sink is definitely one of those things. Its a double sink, super cool. It has an extendable faucet, also very cool. Our collapsible drying rack fits perfectly in one of the sinks, couldn't have planned it better. The sink, however, is awfully small. I know, I know. We minimalized. Everything is going to be smaller, we have less space, less room, less stuff. But washing dishes now is much more annoying. I'm still doing dishes after every meal, but it is much more of a struggle. I get water everywhere. The pots and pans also don't quite fit in the sink either. More water everywhere. It's just slightly annoying. The stove is smaller too. That part is not the issue. Its so much lower to the ground. Its smaller than Sammii-sized. It's kind of like a life-size Easy Bake Oven. That's not really true, this one has much more functionality than an Easy Bake Oven. I also trip over Ace a bit more now. Ace always needs to be a part of the cooking experience. And by that, he needs to lay down at your feet while you're cooking or in front of the refrigerator especially when you want to put everything back in it.

Its been a week of attempting to use the Instant Pot more. I have not mastered the art of cooking things with rice. I have mastered cleaning burnt rice out of the Instant Pot though. The meals coming out of the Instant Pot are delicious though. Spaghetti and meatballs has been the best.

The skillets. Ugh the skillets. The one's I got are apparently not meant to cook eggs in it. I feel like I follow all the skillet rules and yet they seem to need to be re-seasoned after every use. Stupid.

We have not wasted any food since leaving. Everything we buy has its place in a recipe or snack. Go Team!

OK, enough about the kitchen. In the bedroom, I am short 2 hangers in the closet. Only an issue right after laundry day. The only time the bedroom seems small is when waking up and having to walk around in that sleepy state. The shower is pretty small but it may comparable with some New York City apartment bathrooms.

I love having the recliner. Even more so that it has a cup holder (remember to drink your water!). Waking up to birds chirping (or the occasional downpour) and the smell of camp (aka nature) every morning has been wonderful. Tungsten isn't even whimpering or crying in the morning. It may sound strange but my cuticles have never been in better shape too.

Another awesome thing about changing locations frequently is that we can see friends and family that are spread all over. And they can introduce us to awesome restaurants or we can discover them together. Our friend Adam introduced us to Hudson Taco right off the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY.

Delicious spot that does family style ordering and your food comes out as it is ready. They have creative tacos for a variety of eaters and dietary needs. Very tasty. Super friendly staff, even the owner came over a couple of times to ask how things were. And the view is incredible. It's right on the water.

If someone makes a last minute trip to somewhere close to us, we can join them. Such as Hazzie coming up to Poughkeepsie to walk the Walkway Over The Hudson. A pretty swanky walking bridge that was originally the first to rail bridge to connect the Northeast to the rest of the country. It was finished the year after the Brooklyn Bridge was. Once it started falling apart, it was sold for $1 and pieces of the bridge started falling into the Hudson (he was fined the next day for this). Eventually is was restored the walking bridge was opened in 2009.

Before we met up with her, we got to see the World's Largest Garden Gnome. Who would have thought that would have been 5 minutes away from our campgrounds. Chompsky's his name. He's over at Kelder's Farm.

It's a great place to bring the kids too. They have a petting zoo, mini golf, a jump pillow, history on the farm, old farm equipment to see and local meats, honey, syrup, jams, fruits and vegetables. Pretty neat place.

New York doesn't just have the world's largest garden gnome. It also has the World's Largest Kaleidoscope. It is easily one of my favorite things in New York. Curiosity struck me years ago passing it on the way to college and I've been trying to show it to everyone since. Its so cool. It is converted from the silo of barn and opened back in the 60's. Go figure this place is minutes from where the original Woodstock took place. Its almost 60 feet fall and has 40 foot mirrors inside to make the kaleidoscope work. It is so cool. You can find it at the Emerson County Store in Mt. Tremper, NY.

Our friend Steve came up to visit for the day to go for a hike in the area and it was a no brainer to go to the Kaleidoscope as well. After hearing us talk about the day's plan the day before, Hazzie decided to come back and join in as well. Due to my excitement about the kaleidoscope, Madison let us see 2 out of the 4 shows instead of just 1. It was awesome!

The day's hike was fun as well. The website I found it on said it was easy so thought it would be good for the not-as-experienced hikers in our group. But you know, everything is relative. I'd definitely rate it easy for intermediate hikers. It had some pretty steep inclines. It was a 6 mile out and back hike leading to the Mount Tremper Fire Tower.

Due to some expected rain, we didn't quite make it to the fire tower unfortunately. We did, however, make it to the Phoenicia Diner up the road for some post-hike food. Oh man, was it good. We all got various burgers except from Ryne who got a skillet, but mmm mmm was it good. Lot of food too. My turkey burger came loaded with apple chutney, BBQ sauce and sauted onions. Super messy but delicious all around, every bite!

Overall, I think our first week has been a great success. Besides the exploring, we found a second folding bike so now we both can ride again. We found it on Facebook Marketplace and the people who were selling it were a riot. It was a husband and wife duo selling the wife's mother's things since she just moved into an assisted living facility. They had stories for days. The wife is a local 5th grade teacher and runs the drama department (or so it seemed) and the husband is an ex-amateur boxer who, from his stories, trained with all the greats: Joe Fraizer, Floyd Patterson, spoke of Ali. We were probably there for over an hour listening to these people talk. Not the whole time. We were struggling trying to figure out how to actually fold this bike up. So many tools came out. A hammer, clamps, wrenches, a drill. The bike stayed intact the whole time but everyone was at a loss on how the middle folded in. We thought it just might be jammed, too tight, needed grease. A few hits, grease sprays and losing up later, it ended up being a simple pin-in-a-hole system. We just needed to release the spring. Sheesh! Good to know the bike will be secure! Its a great ride too. Good job Schwinn!

Things are good. We have a few more days here in Accord, NY before heading up to Lake George. Some more time to experience the base of the Catskills. If you have any suggestions of places we should go see or things to do, let us know in the comment section!

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