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Big Changes

You may have noticed we haven't strayed too far from Indiana these last couple of months. While some of you may know, some of you may not know, but it looks like we're going to be staying more permanently than originally planned. We started this journey with big plans to see the country. Start in the northeast, work our way south with the weather, then continue on the road westward. We didn't have a time limit on when we were going to be done with it, the main goal is to see as much as we could see. Part of it was an exploratory mission to see where we ultimately wanted to settle down. There is so much this country has to offer and so many cool cities and towns, parks and scenery, it's hard to narrow down just one place to stay. Choosing the RV Life was a giant risk, a leap of faith. We did our research high and low. We understood how amazing it could be but also the downside of how so many things could go wrong. We had the opportunity to do it now so why not? Why wait until retirement? It was a great decision. Living on the road is one of the most unique experiences. There's a freeing feeling to it, an excitement. We've heard, "I could never do that, I couldn't handle not knowing where I was going to be." or similar statements. But that fear isn't really there. It's more like, "I don't know what I'm going to do next weekend." We know where going to be someplace different quickly. With both of us being planners, that fear was never really there, we knew where we were going to be, some places even months in advanced.

The fear is a little different now. It's similar to that fear of the unknown. But its the fear of what's going to happen now. Work has thrown us a few curve balls lately. You can plan for most things but never for everything. For me, it was the challenge of finding steady remote work. I have developed so many skills and acquired so much experience throughout the years but with what's available remotely, I only found I was either severely overqualified or underqualified. Like most job searches, when you strike out left and right, it doesn't bode too well for your mental health. Ryne, on the other hand, has a secure remote position with an amazing company. With offices all over the world, they are able to cater to the cost of living around their hubs. Our lifestyle change didn't seem a problem at first but then it did... hard. We were put in a predicament where we could either stay put, continue to travel but most certainly not as comfortable as we've been or move back to NY or MD and be fully settled in within 2 days. It was a very difficult decision to make. One I'm still not 100% comfortable with because I still feel so connected to Frederick and love life on the road. Through it all I always imagined us coming back to Frederick once we were done traveling. But for where we are right now, it makes sense to stay in Indianapolis. I have been able to start work almost immediately, we have a base network of people here and the city does have a lot to offer.

Our adventures will not stop, however! We are going to continue to explore and see and do everything we can. We're entering a new chapter, it's not the end of our book. Who knows what the next chapter will bring? We could end up spending half the year in Alaska!

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