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We Made It To Maryland!

It's been a beautiful ride east! The weather has been great, the scenery has been gorgeous and the adventures have been grand. Since we got into Maryland, it has been rainy, cold, overcast, and a bunch of really nasty days. Thanks, Hurricane Zeta! Despite the gross weather, it hasn't stopped us from much. As we begin to prepare to put our Travel Trailer Life on hold for the indefinite future, we started prepping for our new life here in Maryland. There is so much to do!

Over the past few weeks, we had begun to look for apartments (staying in this 3 season travel trailer through winter in a wintery state...not fun!), started getting work lined up, looking where we can store the trailer, deciding if we should sell the trailer, trade it in, and so much more. At the moment, I'd say our ducks are pretty much in alignment. We'll get back to all that in a moment.

As for our first week back in Maryland, what did we do? After setting up the trailer, we made our way to our favorite Asian takeout restaurant that we have missed dealy since being on the road: A Asia. Covid definitely made them have to alter their menu and dining area quite a bit, we were still glad to enjoy their Red Curry Chicken. Unfortunately, they are no longer have a sushi menu which saddens me greatly. They do still make an awesome Thai Iced Tea. We made it to Cartridge Galore, to look at and purchase some new retro video games. Game Boy Advances are still played in this household. You may have seen in previous posts, Ryne has been getting super into modding these consoles. Doing everything from changing out the screens so you can actually see what you're playing in any light, updating the speaker, changing the case and buttons. Soldering, a new skill learned during Covid.

We got to walk Carroll Creek when the rain held up. Still beautiful and filled with art. Baker Park, looking good and still full of life.

Despite the crazy year, we've also noticed how Golden Mile's revamp is still making progress. The mall that closed years and years ago and was super run down and abandoned has new stores taking its place. One of those fancy movie theaters where you can get food delivered to your seat has opened up. Other empty storefronts are now filled. It looks great! Golden Mile is a stretch of road on US Route 40. The Main Street Of America, The National Historic Road, The Old National Highway. It's a road with some pretty cool history to it. It was one of the first major highways in the United States, as it was built in 1926. Back then, it stretched from Jersey City, NJ to San Francisco, CA. But as time goes on, and if you've seen the movie Cars, you know how this story goes. Interstates starting becoming the way of the future and US 40 was pretty much replaced with I-80. But this road's history goes even further back! Centuries even! You can trace its roots back to Native American footpaths. Colonists created roads over those footpaths. The French and Indian Wars created more paths that would later turn into US 40. In 1806, Thomas Jefferson signed a law that this road should connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Ohio River. From there it just kept expanding. It made its way to Indiana and then Illinois. The West was connected with Victory Highway. Today, however, it runs across 12 states over 2,286 miles and terminates in Silver Summit, UT. Ever-changing history but that gives us the idea for one of our future road trips to Indiana to be fully on US 40. You don't always have to get your kicks on Route 66!

Halloween was also this week! Ryne's favorite holiday. We didn't get to dress up or eat all the candy until our bellies hurt but instead set off on an adventure. An adventure to Burkittsville, MD. Where The Blair Witch Project was supposed to take place. It did not. Don't expect to go there thinking you'll see creepy things hanging in the trees. Most of the movie was actually filmed across the state in Germantown and there has never been a witch sighting. Burkittsville does have its Halloween allure though. It's a super small town, with a population of around 200 people. Everyone lives on one road surrounded by farmland, cemeteries, and rich Civil War history. The Battle of Crampton's Gap was fought here. A seemingly minor one, but it led to the Battle of Antietam 3 days later. Spook Hill also resides here. One of those defying gravity hills where ghosts push idling cars up at night. And you can't forget Snallygaster! The dragon who laid eggs here once in the hills.

Anyway, Frederick is beautiful and we're excited to make it our home again. We intend to set up camp here for the indefinite future and sell Tailwhip. While we won't have the trailer any longer, that doesn't mean our adventures are going to stop. Not in the slightest. We're going to try to change our format as well. We're going to try to make more video-based blogs (vlogs if you will) and show how unique this city and neighboring areas are. Stay tuned!

As always, thank you so much for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing. We really appreciate it!

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