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And We're Off!

Updated: May 7, 2019

We left the apartment life yesterday. We dropped off the remaining items to the storage unit and to the trailer before picking up the dogs and saying goodbye to Maryland. It has definitely been a tough goodbye. I've made so many wonderful connections with so many wonderful people. My time spent at the gym has been such an amazing experience. It's been such a pleasure working with Anytime Fitness Ballenger Creek and Damascus. My time here would definitely not have been the same without it, from staff to clients. In the days leading up to my last day, it seemed like both gyms were on a mission to make me cry. Well, writing this post has done just that (good work team).

So, we're on the road. Ryne is driving since I'm super nervous to drive our monster truck with a 35 foot beast behind it (I'll practice and get over it but there hasn't been time for that yet). The pups are in the back, 90's music is playing and the weather is getting grimmer and grayer. Oh, and not to mention due to towing so much weight, as expected, the gas is just flying out of the car. Seeing all the cool sights along the way.

Things we expected on this long ride to Indiana:

- It was going to take hours longer than usual

- We'll need to stop more frequently to fill up on gas

- We're going to get to Indiana late

- Its going to be a very long day

- The dogs are going to be nervous wrecks

This we didn't expect on this long ride to Indiana:

- Our black water tank cap to be flying around and dangling once we went over 20 mph

- The dogs to be pretty chill the whole ride

- The MiFi device to work as well as it did on the road

- Getting to Indiana at 2 am

- Backing up the trailer being as horrible as it is

- Jackknifing during the first attempt at backing up the trailer

- Having a cracked taillight cover and a gnarly ding in the trailer.

Yup, you guessed it. First day on the road and we damaged both the trailer and the truck. Granted the conditions were definitely not in our favor. It was a very rainy day, we were super tired, the rain made the ground super mushy, there was a giant divot, all bad things. To paint a bigger picture, we are going to be keeping the trailer at a friends house out in the country that is technically a farm house. It reminds me of Aunt Meg's house from Twister. There are no lights out there. I can't see anything and don't fully understand how backing up a trailer works yet. Ryne's friend comes out to help and next thing I know I hear, "He going to jackknife...YOU'RE GOING TO JACKKNIFE"::Crunch:: UGH! More struggle ensues, but nothing as bad as the jackknife. More like "Stop! Stop! Tree!" Only to then notice he's a good foot away from the tree. We finally get it into place and check the damage done. Broken taillight cover, dent just about that, scratches on the trailer and a gash in the fiberglass. Its also after 1 am and we weren't done with the drive yet. We still had another 45 min drive to where we are staying for the week. Next up, check the inside of the trailer for anything that moved that shouldn't have and pack up for the week. Long freaking day!

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