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Holy Memorial Day Weekend, Batman!

Starting Wednesday our campground was packed with campers and cars. There were so many people! We had no idea why it was so crowded. Thinking a little harder about it, holiday weekend. People want to take advantage and have a super long weekend. From no neighbors to so many neighbors. It was so nice too. That same day, the campground was set to work on their electric. We spent the workday over at Dunkin' so we could work and keep our computers charged. A minor inconvenience but wasn't too bad.

The influx of people definitely messed with our internet. As stated in a previous post, we've been using a device call a Jetpack to get internet. We've been using it since before we left. Its works just like a phone using LTE service. It collects the LTE from the radio towers and pushes it back out as a WiFi signal. Like turning your phone into a hotspot but it is its own device. As long as there is cell service, we'll have internet. Being able to have an unlimited plan is what's making this travel life possible. It works well most of the time. It resets a lot, kicks us off the internet, its been a bit of a struggle but we've dealt with it. There is suppose to be an update at the end of the month. Hopefully that clears up those issues. Once we got back from Dunkin', internet was so slow. It made the rest of the work week harder than usual. Expecting things like this to happen, we did get a second jetpack on a different service making this just an annoyance, not an issue.

This area of upstate New York is quite odd too. We had made plans to meet up with friends for dinner that live about an hour away from where we're staying. "Let's meet up somewhere in the middle so neither of us has to drive an hour" was what we agreed on. Apparently that's not how upstate New York works. Everywhere I looked and no matter where it was on the map, it was 50-60 minutes away. I don't understand! We ended up finding a spot. An Italian spot over in Catskill, NY. Still took us an hour to get there but it was great to catch up with Francesca and Jason. Turns out they surprised us with reading the blog and donating the extra hangers I was missing. Thanks again guys!

Our two weeks in Accord have come to an end and its time to pack up and move on. Time to give the truck a little bath, empty the black and grey tanks, put everything away that isn't stuck in its place and clean the roof off. In days prior, I picked up a ladder and broom (our trailer did not come equip with an attached ladder) so we can clean off the slides before bringing them in. You don't want to get any leaves or acorns or sticks or the likes getting stuck inside and causing some major issues to the trailer. Just like cleaning out the gutters. No one wants water damage.

Bath Time For C. F. Punk

Last thing to do before setting off it reinstall the hitch to the truck and attach the trailer to the truck. We got an anti-sway or a stabilizer hitch. It makes the ride much, much smoother and keeps (as the name implies) the trailer from swaying. Keeps it stabilized. It is so freaking heavy! It must weigh about 50lbs! Maybe more, we haven't weighed it yet. I might have to incorporate it into a workout. Squat maybe? Squat to overhead press? (Keep an eye out for Minimalistic Workouts, coming soon to a phone or computer near you!) The anti-sway bars have some good weight to them too. Good for some curls, maybe a bit heavy for lateral raises but once they're attached we're pretty much good to go! Let's hit the road to Lake George!

The Road To Lake George

Between now and GenCon we'll be staying at one location for a week before moving on. But everything is pretty much scheduled through then. If you're in any of the areas we'll be coming to, we'd love to see you! We'll be in touch.

Lake George Riverside Campground

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