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Updated: May 15, 2019

Ohio is pretty awesome. After everything in Indiana, the two days in Ohio were to break up the long journey to upstate New York and give us some time to relax a little bit. Geneva-On-The-Lake is an adorable town. Very much a beachy, summertime town. It's right off Lake Erie and our site is off a man-made lake. We get there in pretty good time. This campsite will also be our very first time staying in the trailer overnight and actually starting to live the nomadic, RV/Travel Trailer/Camper life. We set up in pretty good time for first timers. Maybe 20 minutes? The dogs were officially in the trailer for the first time too. The stairs for them, a little scary. A client gave me a dog ramp before I left which helps a little bit. Ace is still afraid of both. Poor guy. He's getting the hang of it. Tungsten is using both like a champ now.

Now that the camper is all set up, we can finally unpack and get things as we like them, figure out where to put things. Actually make this place a home! I'm still amazed at how much storage space this place has. For minimalizing, we still brought a bunch of stuff but still have room for so much more! I worked on the inside, Ryne the outside. he was setting up the water, electricity, cable and sewer while I was unpacking and organizing the kitchen and living room. Once we think we're all done, we test everything inside, the AC, the heat, the lights and TV. What, the TV doesn't work? The outlets aren't working either? Did we really get a camper with no working electric? After a bit of freaking out, checking the circuit breaker, noticing a couple of fuses were mixing and thinking that's the problem, Ryne went out and realized the main was set to 20amp not 30amp. Problem solved. Missing fuses, still an issue so we head over to Home Depot to pick up a replacements for them. It's sort of late now however, so maybe dinner first. Yelp brought me to this place called "Effin Burrito." I mean, with a name like that, how can you not go? And when they have all positive reviews? Closed! GOTL is such a beach town, in the early days of May, things are only open on the weekend. Lame! Oh well, we make out way to Home Depot and the plan: drop Ryne off, I'll pick up some food, pick him back up and head in for the night. In these parts though, all the eateries are closed at 9pm. Bahumbug! Sheetz it is.

The next day was much smoother; finished getting the trailer up to our standards, picked up some groceries, made our first meal in the new kitchen (A delightful sauted vegetable and chicken salad topped with guac) but most importantly, got to explore! We got to spend the morning walking along Lake Erie! Heck, there was even a break in the rain that I was able to take a run outside! It turned out to be a pretty nice day despite the rain coming and going throughout.

Lake Erie from Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH

New York is still a long ways away! The main reason for the long drives to start? My college friend, Annie, is getting married! Congratulations Annie! According to GPS we're 6.5 hours away but with the dogs and trailer, you know that ain't happening! We're staying with some other college friends of mine out near Albany for the weekend. The main stressor on the drive out, besides my pea-sized bladder, will we be able to fit the trailer in the driveway of this rental house. For a couple of newbs, the house couldn't have been located in a better spot on this block! Right on a curve that works in our favor. Mostly piece of cake! It took a few attempts but Ryne nailed it! (Nope, I still haven't driven this thing)

The house is so perfect inside, it could have been taken out of a magazine. All the rooms were color coded. It had all the best curtains, bookshelves, picture frames and decorative inspirational art. The main selling point, the hot tub we are free to use. Yup, using it. Boy, did we all sleep well that night.

The wedding was wonderful. It was a great college reunion for most of us too. As life continues on and our lives went on different paths, we see each other less and less. When we do get together things are grand! We all get to catch up, tell our new tales, reminisce the old tales and celebrate the love of the newlyweds. It was a great weekend and wedding. Much love to the happy couple!

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