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Wowee, Did we skip a week?

Yeah, pretty sure I did. Sorry folks. We're back on track here and in Indianapolis, IN. Who would have thought we could be so close to an awesome city while staying at an RV Park.

This RV park is really great too (Lake Haven RV Retreat). They don't have the glamorous summer amenities but what they do have is very well kept. The lake is nice, it is more of a large pond that allows catch and release fishing. It seems fairly clean. The sites are organized nicely and have a mix of pull-thrus and back-ins. The pull thrus can even be used for group camping too. One campers pulls in from one directions, the other from the other so you can share a common outdoor space between the two. We're in a back in site here but they are all situated on an angle so it wasn't the hardest to back. I think my current main struggle with setting things up for the back in is checking the wrong level. There are two. One for side to side and one for front to back. It makes sense for where they are, side to side is on the back, front to back on the side. Yet I tend to look at the front to back level for everything. Waoops. Definitely one of my known ways to annoy Ryne unintentionally. The site is pretty level though. No need to run over any blocks on one side or anything. The bathhouse at this place is one of the best I've seen so far too. It doubles as the laundry room and doesn't take quarters! These washer dryers run off a credit/debit card or a connected app! If you download the app you get a special bonus of $5 too which was a delightful surprise (especially when you don't bring your wallet and need some more dryer time). The drive ways and sites are filled with black and white rocks respectively and I haven't seen a single pot hole. Each individual site does not have a fire ring like all the others had but this place does have a lot of communal fire pits, with communal fire wood too!

We're south of Indianapolis city limits but outside of rush hour traffic, we can be there in 16 minutes. Its great. We're also next to the town of Greenwood. Suburbia, USA. It has all the chain staples mixed with mom and pops, nice homes, not as nice homes and ones that need a bit more TLC.

The previous week we started our adventures in Indiana in a small town called Hartford City. Outside of the main street in Hartford City, the area is definitely this kind of place you would give the directions of, "turn left at the third cornfield." It's in between Marion, Muncie and Fort Wayne, IN. The Downtown area is pretty nifty though. There weren't many business there except for a bunch of lawyers, real estate agents and antique or thrift stores. It did had a cool coffee shop though, Common Grounds. The interior seemed to be decorated by antique shop purchases and the town's historical society. It seems to be owned by a husband and wife and a regular spot for a lot of locals. While waiting for my order to be made, a couple of other people stopped in for their morning cup of coffee or their daily shot of espresso.The food is pretty good as is their chai. I could see why people make daily visits.

Ryne's family joined us for the first time we were there as well. It was a super hot weekend but we were able to enjoy the pool, explore the campgrounds, avoid cooking by making sandwiches instead and spend more time in the pool. There was still time to play Switch with Uncle Ryne too. It was the first time we had overnight visitors too which gave us a chance to test out the dinette bed and pull out couch. They are both very easy to set up and put back together. The comfort review was pretty high as well. I'm pretty sure the kids had a blast.

As for our next adventures post, Look out for GenCon!

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